Couldn’t ask for a better machine. Seven years and 100,000 pounds roasted for our clients.
Jeremy Bohnenkamp, Plantation Coffee


“The machine just showed up. Those guys in shipping do a heck of a job crating things up; I think I can reuse it as a garden shed. Thanks for everything.”
Corey, 9 Bar Espresso
“Working with Diedrich has been a pleasure from day one. Their customer service team is highly informative and helped us figure out what roaster would be the best fit for our operation. The craftsmanship and quality is uncompromisable. This is a diligent team with an eye for detail and a love for what they do. From taking their workshops and testing their roasters, we are confident in choosing a Diedrich.”
Adam Bonaccorsi, Dave's Coffee
“When Onyx Coffee Lab was first started, we wanted two main things in a coffee roaster. We desired a roaster that produced an extremely clean cup of coffee and one that allowed us to consistently roast the same batch time and time again. And with Diedrich Roasters, we got both!”
Mark Michaelson, Onyx Coffee Lab
We speak highly of our Diedrich roaster whenever we interact with interested coffee buyers or give a tour of our roasterie. We truly consider it one of the secrets to the early success of our company. Not only does it allow us to create a great product, everyone that sees it comments on how beautiful it looks. The efficiency is also great…being able to roast a single pound on up to 20+ pounds with the same product consistency has been awesome.
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Nelson Floyd, Speakeasy Coffee Company
“The 3 days with Rocky were great! We have the IR-2.5 uncrated and soon will be roasting.  The factory visit were we could see production and see the quality and pride in the build was a wonderful addition to the training. Thanks for the Diedrich t-shirt too!”
Dave Bilyeu , Tumalo Coffee
Buddy Brew is a specialty coffee craft roaster with a crazy passion to Brew Good and Do Good. We believe coffee should be extraordinary. We believe in challenging the status quo. Our coffee is carefully selected, from farmers who diligently grow and process the beans to their highest quality, and treated with tremendous care by artfully hand roasting each bean to its individual perfection. We believe coffee is best enjoyed when it is freshly roasted and meticulously prepared.
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Dave Ward, Buddy Brew Coffee

coffee plant

“We have been with Diedrich for our whole 20 year history and only use your roasters. Roastmaster Dwight and his Assistant Roaster Darien take good care of your roasters.”
Jason Belkin, Co-Owner, Hampton Coffee Company
“May God bless all of our very generous Friends at Diedrich, the World’s Greatest Roaster Manufacturers! Devotedly, with our daily prayers for all!”
David Adler, Obl.S.B., Dean of Coffee
“I love my Diedrich. It is a beautiful machine. The build quality and finish is exceptional, the level of control, the evenness of roast, and repeat-ability make it a joy to use. The service and support I received from every member of staff I dealt with was great and I can not recommend them highly enough. I look forward growing my business knowing I am working with the best machine and being supported by a wonderful team! Thank you!”
Eion Henderson
“I love this roaster, and the flexibility it gives me to fully explore the possibilities that each bean has to offer. Looking forward to commissioning our second unit next month!”
John Humphreys, Calgary Co-op


“The performance and reliability of the IR-12 allows our customers to experience a consistently excellent cup of coffee. I am relatively new to roasting and the ease of use amazes me. I had the pleasure of attending the spring 2013 seminar and it has proved to be invaluable in helping me gain the confidence for my potential as a coffee roaster. The customer service at Diedrich is always very prompt, helpful, and uniquely personal.”
Kyle Benson, Thomas Street Coffee Co.
“I’m an individual starting a small micro-roasting company and I don’t have the kind of resources that others might have to work with, so I was investing in Diedrich as a company and a support system, not just a roasting manufacturing company. I’m happy to say that Diedrich has been incredibly supportive from start to finish and they’ve given me the tools, the knowledge, and the confidence to know that I can be successful in this industry. I knew that Diedrich had a world-class reputation for excellence, and now I know why!”
Christopher Hull, Budan Coffee
“Desirae made the purchase easy and smooth, my seminar at Diedrich was informative and fun and Jason was a real pillar of support when he came to Brooklyn to assist with our start up. Our interest in Diedrich was sparked by the clean and stable roasting environment created by infrared burners and the added quality control capability of the Zenith Automation system. We look forward to our next store with a Diedrich.”
Jeff Schoolmaster, In Store Roasting Manager
“…Thanks again for your Diedrich IR-1E Roaster! It is truly amazing, and the process of roasting coffee on it is a pleasure. Not only we, but also all the KLD Coffee Importers Staff is happy about it as we have already roasted coffee for everyone.”
Daria, Alexander and KLD Coffee Importers Staff Moscow, Russia
“In 1999 we purchased our first IR-3 Diedrich Coffee Roaster. We placed it in the front window of our retail espresso café and started our roasting career. We quickly moved from only roasting for our own café to wholesale. Then in October of 2002 we were on vacation when our motor home broke down in Grand Junction Colorado. While stranded in GJ we stumbled across our 2nd Diedrich Coffee Roaster. This time it was an older IR-12 that we inquired about and by January of 2003 we were roasting coffee in GJ. Who buys a business while on vacation…that would be us!!!
We quickly outgrew our first location in GJ and by May of 2005 we had our shiny new IR-12 Diedrich Coffee Roaster installed in our current and much larger location. 11 years later it is still running strong…I guess the 3rd time really is a charm. We have seen and been through many changes at Colorado Legacy Coffee, but the one steady is our partnership with Diedrich Roasters…and we thank you for that!!”
Dan and Roni Welsh, Colorado Legacy Coffee
“We would just like to say that we have been very impressed with the customer service at Diedrich. Every time we call in with questions we have been able to get an answer or have been directed to someone that can give us the answer. We are a new Roastery and found the Diedrich seminars to be very helpful and informative when it comes to creating roast profiles. As well as learning about how much hard work goes into the green beans before we get them. Being able to spend one on one time with Steve Diedrich was a great opportunity and for him to share with us his knowledge, experience, and passion for coffee says a lot about his company and wanting the industry to grow. We would also like to say that we are very happy with our roaster. A lot of our success in our coffees flavor comes from our Diedrich roaster and being able to control our roast to whatever degree we feel needed.”
Shane and Jessica Monroy, Tobra Coffee
“Thank you all at diedrich. Our new roaster is just absolutely terrific. Can’t say enough good things about it”
Dorian Clay , Two Rivers Coffee
“Our new roaster will be on its way shortly! We are excited to be taking our coffees to a higher level.”
Everyday Gourmet Coffee Roasters
Our company is impressed with Diedrich. We are growing and will be in the market for a bigger one for our DC warehouse. Wow. You guys are awesome in tech support.
Julia Peck, Common Wealth Joe


I just put in a call for assistance with going from manual to saved automation, but l was able to figure it out. Thank you Missy! Thank you for all the support and please thank Heather for me. She was awesome and showed great patience with me.
Chuck Kennedy, Olympic Crest Coffee
You’re my freaking hero.
Seriously. Thank you.
Andrew Fritz , Coffea Roasterie