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14 10, 2016

Portland Roasting Company: Clean Caffeine

Portland Roasting Coffee in Portland, Oregon, is preparing to install new technology that will capture waste heat generated by its coffee roaster and convert this heat into clean electrical power, allowing the company to double its production while remaining carbon neutral. Read the full story from Industry Today here.

14 10, 2016

Coffee convert starts small-batch Lake City Coffee

Russell Volz hated coffee. Hated it. He hated it for all of the usual reasons people say they don’t like coffee. He found the flavor too bitter, too burnt. “It was vile,” he said. When Volz was invited over for coffee, he would brace himself, preparing his palate for the worst. Then, he tried a cup at the home of a friend who had roasted his own beans in a popcorn popper. Volz couldn’t believe his taste buds. “It was amazing,” he said. This beverage was smooth, sweet and rich, not harsh or acrid at all. He loved it. Loved [...]

12 10, 2016

Taking a leap from real estate and tech to coffee

JJ Cutbirth took a deliberate and methodical approach to get into coffee roasting with Leap Coffee in Carlsbad. Four years ago, he made the decision to move on from his 13-year career in medical real estate development. "I had that mini epiphany," he recalls, asking himself, What am I going to do with my life?" He realized, "It's not going to be medical real estate." Cutbirth tendered notice, but worked another three years completing development projects while he pursued coffee on the side. Cutbirth joined the Specialty Coffee Association and began attending the trade organization's events. He got involved in [...]

11 10, 2016

Chicago’s Groundswell Coffee Surges Into Offsite Roastery

True to its name, Groundswell Coffee is gaining some serious momentum in Chicago. The small company, which opened its flagship roastery and café in the Ravenswood neighborhood last year, is expanding into a second retail location with a third on the way, while moving to an offsite roasting plant. The company’s bright green Diedrich IR-5 continues to turn out enough product for both locations and wholesale, with enough capacity to supply the upcoming third location as well. Read the full story here.   “The little 5-kilo Diedrich is the Roaster That Could,” Groundswell founder Jason Foster told Daily Coffee News of the production line, [...]

10 10, 2016

Here Is How One Boutique Coffee Shop Plans to Crush Starbucks

A major disruption is brewing in the coffee industry and Starbucks ( SBUX) should take notice, according to La Colombe CEO Todd Carmichael, who invented draft latte in cans. Carmichael sees the days of people standing in line at a coffee shop for their morning latte coming to an end. Carmichael also discusses his multi-decade relationship with Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz. TheStreet's Scott Gamm reports from a La Colombe shop in New York City. La Colombe uses Diedrich CR series customer. Watch the full interview here.

30 09, 2016

Readers Choice Winner: Who has the best coffee in Palm Beach County?

“It’s really encouraging. As a business owner, you want your product to stand on its own,” says Sean Scott, Subculture co-owner and coffee roaster. He describes the response to his coffee and concept as a kind of “gravitational, community pull.” Which is to say: a hit. (Also a hit were Oceana Coffee in Tequesta and the Common Grounds coffee shop in Lake Worth, which tied for second place.) Co-owned by nightlife/restaurant czar Rodney Mayo, Subculture is both a local coffee brand and coffee shop. As a coffee brand, it uses beans harvested in far-flung places (as in Chiriquí, Panama, and [...]

26 09, 2016

92-Year-Old Ferris Coffee Opens Fresh New Grand Rapids Shop

he 92-year-old Ferris Coffee & Nut Company has opened a fresh new shop in the heart of Grand Rapids, Mich., which in recent years has seen an explosion of new, creative and upscale food and drink businesses. The uptick comes after the decades of relative culinary dormancy that gave rise to the unflattering nickname “Bland Rapids.” Read more here.

2 09, 2016

The mother-son team at Paradox Coffee aims to turn beans into bucks

From a 4,700-square-foot building at 284 N. Old Buncombe Road in Travelers Rest, the mother-son duo roasts small batches of specialty coffee throughout the week using an American-made Diedrich gas-fired roaster. And under the moniker Paradox Coffee Co., they’re hoping to break into the local coffee scene with a different strategy than most. Read the full story here.