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1 09, 2016

Build-Outs Of Summer: Orazure Hand Roasted Coffee of Magnolia, Texas

It’s a story Sprudge has told countless times over the years: A passion for coffee leads to a career change. From his start as a hobbyist with a corporate job, Michael Marinelli has fallen further and deeper in love with coffee—so much so that now he’s got his own place, serving up coffee he’s roasting and cupping by hand. This is Orazure Hand Roasted Coffee. Read the full story here.

30 08, 2016

Camaraderie and Cooperation Blend Inside the Good Karma Kitchen

The name Covabrelli comes from the names of his four children Corbin, Evan, Brian and Ellie. The business features at least one coffee from every major growing region: Central America, Indonesia, South America, and East Africa. All beans are organic and sustainable, most often from individual estates or farming cooperatives. With his Diedrich Roaster and computer software, five-pound batches are roasted with specific profiles for consistent quality and flavors. Read the full story about the Good Karma Kitchen here.

31 08, 2016

Build-Outs of Summer: The Crown—Royal Coffee Lab & Tasting Room of Oakland

The Roasting Lab is a hands-on learning center focused on bringing the best out of the latent potential coffee. Ranging from sample roasting, micro-batches on our 1kg Probatino, and full-scale production training on a 5kg Diedrich and 15kg Loring Falcon, the space will be a roaster’s playground. We’ll be offering SCAA and CQI courses in addition to original curriculum and guest instructors. Ongoing Crown Analyses will continue to be produced on the machines housed in this, the beating heart of The Crown. Read the full story here.

29 08, 2016

Elementary Coffee and Roastery is Open for Business

The first thing anyone will write about Brad Nixon is his obvious pedigree in coffee, having pioneered the early specialty movement in Adelaide with Ian Callahan at Bar 9 and spending five years interstate making and roasting coffee with the best of them. That’s certainly what caught our attention when we first met Brad back in December last year. However, our experience this morning at Elementary Coffee on Young Street in the city shed new light on what Brad was talking about back then. He’s achieved the warehouse aesthetic he promised us. The Diedrich roaster sits in pride of place [...]

28 08, 2016

Young, Hungry Pumphouse Coffee Roasters Taps into South Florida Specialty Scene

The spread of high-quality specialty coffee into fertile and underserved new markets is not unlike the establishment of a new irrigation system, bringing water from a source to the fields and people that need it. That’s in a nutshell what Pumphouse Coffee Roasters strives to do — to tap into the well of established science, craft and strategy in order to advance the cause of quality in the West Palm Beach, Fla. region, in hopes of eventually contributing to the trails blazed at the vanguard of the industry. Read the full story here.

27 08, 2016

Red Horn Finds Success with In-House Production of Beans and Brew

"We're not the first ones to do coffee and beer," says co-owner Jon Lamb. "It fit the mold of what was going on in the marketplace; the difference was Chad and I were going into the suburbs." Although there are several other cafes in the area that place equal emphasis on beans and brew, Red Horn is the only place in town ambitious enough to produce both in-house. The caffeinated side of the operation is helmed by Misner and Lamb, who take turns manning a shiny red Diedrich roaster. They haven't yet delved into direct trade, but the lean size [...]

26 08, 2016

L.A. Welcomes The Fika Company to the Coffee Scene

Some of the most interesting coffees in the area are being brewed at the Fika Co. in Redondo Beach. Owner Andres Pineros buys and roasts coffee from just three farms in Colombia; those farms sell only to him and, as it happens, are owned by his good friends. As far as direct trade coffee goes — in which coffee buyers like Pineros work directly with farmers and pay premium prices for high-quality coffee — you can't get much more direct than that. This is actually Pineros’s second shop; he originally opened the Fika Co. in his hometown of Villavicencio, Colombia, [...]

26 08, 2016

Blue Bean Coffee Develops Out of Search for The Perfect Cup

When Kelly Ziebarth and Bryan Smith’s son Max was a newborn, he suffered from severe acid reflux. He was so uncomfortable, he struggled to sleep—and so did his parents. The couple relied on coffee to stave off exhaustion. The trouble was, they didn’t love anything they were drinking. So Smith took a class from Stephan Diedrich, founder of Diedrich Roasters in Ponderay, Idaho, and started roasting his own coffee beans. Read the full story here.

25 08, 2016

Coffee Roaster Has Bold Dream

For every 12-ounce bag of Libra Coffee that Medina sells, he donates $1 toward the purchase of water filters that provide clean drinking water to the families of coffee plantation workers. He chose the name “Libra,” drawn from the constellation of stars that depicts balanced scales, because he wanted to create a sustainable business that’s beneficial to all: farmers, roaster and consumers. Read the full story here.

25 08, 2016

World Barista Champ Berg Wu Roasts With a Diedrich

On June 25th, 2016, barista competitor Berg Wu became the first person from Taiwan to win the World Barista Championship, an annual international exhibition of coffee skill staged this year in Dublin, Ireland. This was a landmark win for not just Berg Wu, but for recognition of the high quality of coffee culture in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan (officially the Republic of China). Taiwan has triumphed on the national stage once before when Pang-Yu Liu took home top honors at the 2014 World Cup Tasters Championship. Together we can see a clear trend: the establishment of Taiwan as a [...]