True to its name, Groundswell Coffee is gaining some serious momentum in Chicago. The small company, which opened its flagship roastery and café in the Ravenswood neighborhood last year, is expanding into a second retail location with a third on the way, while moving to an offsite roasting plant.

The company’s bright green Diedrich IR-5 continues to turn out enough product for both locations and wholesale, with enough capacity to supply the upcoming third location as well. Read the full story here.


“The little 5-kilo Diedrich is the Roaster That Could,” Groundswell founder Jason Foster told Daily Coffee News of the production line, to which they’ve added a Cropster-integrated Huky sample roaster for profiling and sample-roasting. The 2,900-square-foot new roastery is roughly a mile from the new café, and offers plenty of room for current and future green storage, cuppings and wholesale growth.