Russell Volz hated coffee. Hated it.

He hated it for all of the usual reasons people say they don’t like coffee. He found the flavor too bitter, too burnt. “It was vile,” he said.

When Volz was invited over for coffee, he would brace himself, preparing his palate for the worst. Then, he tried a cup at the home of a friend who had roasted his own beans in a popcorn popper. Volz couldn’t believe his taste buds. “It was amazing,” he said.

This beverage was smooth, sweet and rich, not harsh or acrid at all.

He loved it. Loved it.

Within two weeks, he was roasting his own beans.

Now, the coffee convert is also selling and shipping them all over the country. Volz is the proprietor of the small-batch, one-man Lake City Coffee, an online coffee business.

There’s no storefront or coffee shop. “It’s a pretty small operation,” said Volz, whose target customers brew their own coffee at home. Read the full story here.