We are proud to offer a full line of ancillary equipment to enhance your roasting experience.



Remove foreign debris from your coffee after it is roasted to ensure proper quality control. It can be attached to the roaster or utilized as a stand alone unit.
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Catalytic Oxidizer

Eliminate smoke, odor, and reduce total amount of air emissions and greenhouse gases released to stay below even the strictest U.S. standards. Create a cleaner earth and be a better neighbor. Learn More
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Makes quick work of transporting the green coffee beans from a floor loading station to your roaster’s funnel. Saves time between batches and reduces the physical demands of manual loading.

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Stainless Steel Hopper

Each Diedrich IR Series Roaster is built with a standard black powder-coated hopper, however customers have the option to upgrade to a Stainless Steel Hopper. Available for the IR series.


Maintenance Hour Meter

The Maintenance Hour Meter is hard wired into the roaster and is highly recommended on all roasters without automation. The Hour Meter tracks a roaster’s run time, not just roasting hours, but when the drum is turning and bearings moving. The Hour Meter helps you know when you need to stop and maintain your machine. Available for the IR series.


Roasting Lamp

The halogen Roasting Lamp is mounted directly above the sample trowel and provides consistent light when pulling roast samples regardless of the room lighting, the weather conditions or no matter what time of day you are roasting. The Roasting Lamp offers you the ability to see true bean color. Available for the IR series.


Stainless Steel Agitator

The Diedrich IR-2.5 roaster may be ordered with or without the stainless steel agitator. For many customers the automatic sweeping of the agitator paddles spreading the beans as they cool and then assisting with the unloading of the roasted coffee saves precious time. For other customers, the metal spoon provided is all that is needed.



Diedrich IR-2.5 Roasters may be ordered with or without the custom built table. The table is a great place to store supplies or coffee and cleaning equipment and my be powder coated to match or off-set your roaster.

Cleaning Tool Kit

All the key tools necessary to ensure proper maintenance of your roaster. Inside the professional CLC tool bag blazing with our new logo you’ll find: a set of key Crescent wrenches, a set of screwdrivers, a set of allen wrenches, a Hyde scrapper, a specialized micro scrapper and probe. Plus you get a grease gun, logo’d shop apron, newly designed 3 segmented scrapper tool and a screen cleaning tool specifically sized for your roaster. Available for the IR series.


Thermocouple Package

Further refine your roasting process by adding the thermocouple package to your roaster. This allows precise temperature information to be captured and recorded during the roasting process. It’s then sent via USB port to your computer so it can be analyzed through programs such as Cropster or Artisan. Available for the IR and CR series.

Cosmetic Options



The difference is in the detail with our pinstriping. Add a touch of style to your IR roaster to complete your own look with pinstriping.


Custom Logo Application

Personalize your roaster with custom logo application. This further integrates your roaster with your brand and turns it into an even more beautiful piece of art. Available for the IR and CR series.