With a Diedrich catalytic oxidizer, you can eliminate smoke, odor, and reduce the total amount of air emissions and greenhouse gases released to stay even below the strictest U.S. standards.

Smoke, odor, and various chemical compounds are natural bi-products of the coffee roasting process. Catalytic oxidization is the most cost effective and efficient means to clean the effluent from the air stream.

In addition to being more effective and environmentally friendly than a thermal oxidizer, a catalytic oxidizer can offer significant potential savings in monthly energy costs.

We offer two catalytic oxidizer options. There is the standard model or a NOx model. The NOx model is ideal for those located in areas with stringent air quality management policies and restrictions, such as California.

Check with your local Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) or local municipality for specific requirements that pertain to your coffee roasting.

Diedrich catalytic oxidizers can be purchased to use with your existing roaster, even if it’s not a Diedrich.

In such cases, please supply the following information when requesting a quote:

  • Maximum capacity of roasted coffee kilos of your roaster
  • Cubic feet per minute exiting the exhaust of your roaster
  • Outside diameter of the exhaust pipe
  • BTUs per hour of your roaster
  • Height of the exhaust pipe off the floor

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