The in-store roaster (IR) series features elegant machines that are just as much art as they are function. With the flexibility to roast batches as small as 250 grams and models that can handle batches up to 12 kilograms, the IR series is like a canvas ready for your artistic roasting creations.

All IR series roasters use the innovative infrared technology, offering you more control over your roasting environment, a cleaner roast, and reduced operating costs. Don’t settle for anything less than the perfect cup. Roast the Diedrich way.

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coffee roasters


coffee roasters


coffee roasters



Clean and Efficient

The Diedrich way means nothing short of innovative excellence in every roaster. This is why we use infrared burners. This sets our machines apart. Infrared burners allow for an unsurpassed control over the roasting environment. Roasting on a Diedrich will allow you to maximize the distinct flavors of each bean, ultimately crafting the perfect cup.

Our infrared burner technology uses heat exchangers to provide clean, hot air for roasting. Heat exchangers capture the heat that is wasted in other manufacturer’s roasters. This allows Diedrich roasters to use up to 50% less gas. So not only does the infrared provide a clean roasting medium, it reduces overall operating costs.

Expect only the Best

Every Diedrich roaster is made in the USA and spared no expense in materials and craftsmanship. Each detail and piece of these remarkably robust works of art has been carefully designed to ensure graceful performance, operation, and longevity of your roaster.

Through our innovative research and design process, we’ve created the world’s most elegant roaster available on the market. No other machine can match the form and function of our roasters. As industry leaders, we know coffee and we know roasters. It’s not just about manufacturing machines, it’s about creating art. Discover the experience of crafting the perfect cup by roasting your beans on a Diedrich.

Total Roast Control

The ZII Zenyth Automation provides the ability to more precisely fine-tune and control your roast. Enjoy simplified screens, the reliability of industrial grade hardware, and the ability to remotely control your roaster.

Artists know their work on the deepest level, and with the ZII you can discover unexplored territory with your roasting art. Not only will you be able to define your roasting like never before, you can recreate your favorite roasts with finesse and ease.