You may have noticed that Diedrich has been making quite a commitment to the Roasters Guild lately. Now we are going deep. Diedrich is working with the SCAA Membership staff to provide one-year memberships to the Roasters Guild for every company that purchases a new Diedrich Roaster.

We believe in the idea of Roasters Guild! The notion that becoming a professional coffee roaster requires training, practice, and knowledge is part of our DNA as well as the Roasters Guild’s. We are a big believer that roasting is not a destination, it is a journey.

By providing every new roaster who purchases one of our machines a FREE one-year membership in the SCAA Roasters Guild we are furthering our mission of helping new roasters develop professionally and profitably. We encourage other companies that work closely with roasters to consider doing this as well.




Photo/image credits: Roasters Guild