311, 2016

The Essentials of Coffee Roasting: Have a Good Plan

Today we have a special guest post from celebrated industry expert, Rocky Rhodes. We are fortunate to have him as a partner in our roaster education efforts at Diedrich. I hope you enjoy this insight from Rocky on his best advice for coffee roasting. Cheers, Miles I have been asked several times, “What is the single most important piece of advice you would give a new roaster?” The answer is easy but the practice may not be: always have a plan before you start roasting. On the surface this seems easy enough. Your plan, however, should be more than, "make [...]

1810, 2016

The Best Coffee Roaster at Any Capacity: IR versus CR Series

Could we be more confusing? What is the difference between an IR roaster and a CR roaster? I can’t count the number of times I have been asked this. This is a classic example of “Why do we do that?” Diedrich has been building roasters for 40 years and over time we have grown, innovated, and improved. A Diedrich roaster today is a lot more sophisticated than the ones first built in Steve’s dad’s garage. So the reason we named the roasters IR and CR is a little lost in history. As far as I can tell, Steve knew [...]

2009, 2016

Every Detail Matters: Creating the Highest Quality Clean & Efficient Coffee Roasters

I like big bolts, and I cannot lie. I have an obsession with big bolts since coming to Diedrich. The first thing I noticed on a Diedrich were the massive bolts on the faceplate of our roasters – they are kind of bronze colored and have six raised little bars on the head. They are all over the machines, even where you can’t see them. In fact, there are over 300 of these bolts, big and little, on an IR-12! These bolts, as it turns out, are pretty special. They are from the aerospace industry and have a shear strength [...]

308, 2016

Clean and Efficient Coffee Roasting: Understanding Infrared

A question I get frequently is, “What is infrared?” The impression is that it is something like Ming the Merciless’ Death Ray! One “roaster” ordered me to accept that a Diedrich Roaster roasts beans from the inside-out. I was sharing a cab with him at the time and it was a little scary, so I didn’t try to change his mind. If someone tries to tell you this, watch out. Although “roasting” from the inside out is physically impossible with radiant heat and would be a really crappy way to roast anyway, it does bring out the concern that infrared heat [...]

2607, 2016

Every New Roaster Purchase Includes Roasters Guild Membership

You may have noticed that Diedrich has been making quite a commitment to the Roasters Guild lately. Now we are going deep. Diedrich is working with the SCAA Membership staff to provide one-year memberships to the Roasters Guild for every company that purchases a new Diedrich Roaster. We believe in the idea of Roasters Guild! The notion that becoming a professional coffee roaster requires training, practice, and knowledge is part of our DNA as well as the Roasters Guild's. We are a big believer that roasting is not a destination, it is a journey. By providing every new roaster who purchases one of [...]

2206, 2016

Diedrich Roasters at the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe

Sir Benjamin Guinness, either thinking or napping. It seems appropriate to begin this blog in Dublin Ireland, land of the whimsical romantic heart. As many of you may remember from my days at CoffeeTalk Magazine, my writing was always approachable although at times it was as if approaching a growling dog. Now that I am with Diedrich I will try to keep my roaring down to a dull noise but from time to time it may be hard. Diedrich is in Dublin to exhibit at the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe’s annual conference. This is the last year [...]