Our program is a very comprehensive course methodically taking you through the lifecycle of the coffee from seedling to the processing to the basics of roasting and most importantly profile roasting.

Every coffee is unique, as noticed from the varietal to the elevation at which the coffee is grown, cultivation techniques, processing methods, bean size and density as well as moisture content. Every coffee has its own distinctive characteristics. In recent years, both growers and mills alike have been experimenting with innovative new processes which are changing the world of coffee. The greater selection of estate coffees, micro lot and Cup of Excellence coffees are the results of these efforts. With hands-on roasting you learn the fundamentals of roasting and the fine points of developing roast profiles. A refined roast profile brings out a coffees true expression, which the producers so diligently work to achieve.



coffee bean scoopDAY 1:

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Seed to cup presentation
  • Cupping and buying presentation*
  • Roaster technologies: Basics of heat transfer
  • ROASTING 1: Roasting familiarization

DAY 2:

  • Cleaning and maintenance of roaster overview*
  • Review, profile development, techniques, production
  • Diedrich Manufacturing facility tour
  • ROASTING 2: Roasting familiarization continuation
  • ROASTING 3: Four (4) degrees of roast with same times
  • CUPPING 1: Degree of roast cupping
  • ROASTING 4: Same degree with four (4) different time profiles

DAY 3:

  • CUPPING 2: Time profiles
  • ROASTING 5: Same color and times with four (4) different temperature profiles
  • CUPPING 3: Temperature profiles
  • ROASTING 6: Optimum profile with differing air profiles
  • CUPPING 4: Air profiles
  • Debriefing, questions, comments

*Instruction given by qualified Green Bean Importer or other Diedrich personnel. Day and times may vary.